Escape Waveland is Lexington's newest thirty minute escape game! From the creators of Fright Nights, Escape Waveland is a one of a kind historic mansion that will completely immerse you into the world of the unknown as you and your friends solve riddles and crack codes. Escape Waveland is open for a limited time only and offers two different Halloween themed experiences, The House Call and The Serial Killer.

Several of your family members started feeling ill earlier this afternoon. You summoned a doctor and he has finally arrived... however, something doesn't seem right about him. You soon find out that he and his associate are wanted but his associate has fled. Before you can ask him to leave, he locks you and your family in a room. You must find the location of the doctor's partner before he returns unless you want to become his next victim...

You are blindfolded but can hear the voices of familiar friends. You soon realize that you are trapped in a secluded old house being used by a deranged serial killer. Can you and your friends escape or will you be his next set of victims?



225 Waveland Museum Ln.
Lexington, Kentucky, 40503

Phone: (859) 421-0883